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VSL Construction Solutions

VSL offers construction solutions relating to post-tensioning, retained earth, bridge bearings and heavy lifting using the internationally recognised VSL system. Post- tensioning systems are either bonded or unbonded. The bonded system is used in heavy civil works, such as bridges, reservoirs, silos etc. and allows a number of strands to be used in one duct or sleeve. The sleeve is then later led with cementitious grout for bonding purposes and corrosion protection.

The unbonded system is generally used in the slab and beam elements of reinforced concrete building structures. This system makes use of single strands contained in plastic sheaths, which are cast into the concrete and then tensioned once the concrete has reached succinct strength.

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Both systems allow structures to have greater spans as well as reduce propping time whilst the concrete is attaining its full strength. These advantages result in significant cost and time savings. The post-tensioning principle is also applicable to stay cables, external cables and ground anchors using strand or bar systems. VSL Construction Solutions can be contracted to carry out one or a combination of the following:
• supply of materials only
• supply of materials, equipment and training
• full supply and installation
• design can either be done in-house or in conjunction with the professional engineer of record


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