At times many people do not know if they should use rebar or mesh when they have a project that involves concrete. It can be a challenge to try to figure out what is better between these two products.

When it comes to using welded mesh or rebar, the answer could be to use both! One might say that mesh is for keeping chicken in the barn and rebar is for concrete reinforcement but allow me to explain the benefits of both.

Concrete strength is in compression, and not tension, where there are tension forces reinforcing steel or mesh depending on the required application, will be designed to withstand these forces. When evaluating your project, you need to figure out what would be the best reinforcement to pick depending on whether it is on the driveway, swimming pool, retaining wall, or patio. Deciding on the best choice that will help you prevent cracking and while still adhering to your budget, can make a lifetime of difference.

It’s often best to start by asking your engineer, or concrete professional, what is required. Some building codes require certain materials for certain projects.

See below our suggestions:

Swimming Pool

Depending on the area, you could be required to use both products although most people only use mesh. Note with a pool it must be bonded.

Retaining Wall

This is where welded mesh provides strength. The size of the retaining wall and what is being supported can come into play as to which one to use.


Both mesh and rebar can be used. The budget may be a considering factor on which one to use for this type of project.


Because of the heavy traffic, it is recommended that you use both rebar and mesh.

If you still unsure which is better for you to use on your project feel free to contact us at RMS one of our contracts managers will be glad to discuss your project with you to ensure that you use the best materials to suit your needs.